Remember that time the Slipshine Tumblr group announced I was making more comics? And it turned out to be even MORE End of Summer meta with no plot or resolution? (and the worst case of Escher-legs you’ve ever seen!)

Maaaaaaaan… will Summer ever end???


Sup Slipshine,

Remember when I took a 5 year break from drawing that End of Summer comic? Only to start with this really meta mini-comic that was supposed to be a really dumb quick and dirty abridged version that cut straight to the smut? Only I never actually drew it?

Good times.

(sshh!) little froggies!: Slipshine Story Ideas


Let’s ssaaayyy, next week I’m feeling good enough to lift my arms. Let’s ssaaayy, next week I can work on a short bonus Slipshine comic in addition to the big update I’m putting up later in August….

If this were the case… are there any ideas I haven’t done yet people would go NUTS over, or…