Slipshine artists and their Tumblrs

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Ovens (Mr Invisible) - chipperwhale

Amanda (Titty Time) - littlefroggies

Momo (Key to Her Heart) - momonculus

Zambi (Zamora Theater) - zambicandy

Brandon (Adult Friends Comix) - drawbrandondraw

Ash (Spellbound) - adventurerashley

riptide (Boykkake) - ghostgreen

Cheezy WEAPON (Horny Hell Hoes) - cheezyweapon

JJ (Anathema) - lovetomorrowlove

Erik Schoenek (Linburger) - andersonstarship

Sirkowski (Space Sex Squad) - sirkowski

Nero O’Reilly (Golden Trick) - trumpetsharkcomics

Pupcake Jones (Hot Dog Comix) - mymilkweed

Gabe Lamberty (Chiba) - gabelamberty

Jordi Bayarri (Scrap Trek) - enchantae

ackanime (ACK!!Tales) - ackanime

Corey Lewis (Bay Bionic) - sunbakerey

Larry Welz (Cherry) - larrywelz

LuckyPan (Dragon Fest) - luckypan

Fangdangler (guest artist) - fangdangler

Brad & Leslie (guest writer & artist) - rockcocks

Jess Fink (guest artist) - jessfink

K.C. Green (shows up randomly) - midnitesurprise

Slugbox (TBA) -slugboxcreatureart

Josh L (Slipshine creator) - superhappy

Hiveworks (part of the network) - hiveworks

Leandro, Porquie, and Woc do not have tumblrs, as far as we know

What is the Tumblr account of the Boykakke artist?

Asked by getoffmyweewee

Perhaps it is time we did another one of these…

Ovens (Mr Invisible) - chipperwhale

Amanda (Titty Time) - littlefroggies

Momo (Key to Her Heart) - momonculus

Zambi (Zamora Theater) - zambicandy

Brandon (Adult Friends Comix) - drawbrandondraw

Ash (Spellbound) - adventurerashley

riptide (Boykkake) - ghostgreen

Cheezy WEAPON (Horny Hell Hoes) - cheezyweapon

JJ (Anathema) - lovetomorrowlove

Erik Schoenek (Linburger) - andersonstarship

Sirkowski (Space Sex Squad) - sirkowski

Nero O’Reilly (Golden Trick) - trumpetsharkcomics

Pupcake Jones (Hot Dog Comix) - mymilkweed

Gabe Lamberty (Chiba) - gabelamberty

Jordi Bayarri (Scrap Trek) - enchantae

ackanime (ACK!!Tales) - ackanime

Corey Lewis (Bay Bionic) - sunbakerey

Larry Welz (Cherry) - larrywelz

LuckyPan (Dragon Fest) - luckypan

Fangdangler (guest artist) - fangdangler

Brad & Leslie (guest writer & artist) - rockcocks

Jess Fink (guest artist) - jessfink

K.C. Green (shows up randomly) - midnitesurprise

Slugbox (TBA) -slugboxcreatureart

Josh L (Slipshine creator) - superhappy

Hiveworks (part of the network) - hiveworks

Leandro, Porquie, and Woc do not have tumblrs, as far as we know



Wow. Tumblr Yahoo was pretty quiet about this, but as part of the new “community guidelines,” posts from adult flagged blogs will begin to not show up in search engines, on mobile, or even in a damn tag search, unless you are following them beforehand.

That would certainly explain why I have been missing a lot of fanart…

Isolate the blogs, then get rid of them in a year or two? Sounds like it makes sense. Moving away from the perfectly acceptable and no-fuss DON’T USE THE SITE IF YOU AREN’T 18 YOU LITTLE SHITS to LET’S PROTECT AND ADVERTISE TO THE CHILDREN HEY KIDS!

Well, confirmed that neither of my blogs will ever show up in a tumblr tag search again. Can’t search myself. Can’t find slugbox or slugboxcreatureart via any tag. This is pretty upsetting, as it means any SFW or fun fanart will obviously never show up in a search, EVEN if you are already following me. For all intensive purposes, I have no reason to ever tag anything again, since it’s a flag that affects the entirety of my blog. 

And this affects many of you all as well, since tumblr/yahoo is capable and already handing out these Adult-Blog tags FOR you. And it’s impossible to “change your ways.”  They have not technically censored us. Rather, they have made it essentially impossible for us to find and engage with new connections and people, by completely cutting us off from all forms of discovery.


This means the only way to gain new followers is through offsite linking. Because if a blog likes, replies, or reblogs an adult blog, they are likely to ALSO be an adult blog, and thus unsearchable.

SOoooo basically there’s almost NO point to being on the site. I’m predicting a wipe of all adult content within two years. Either manually or because we’ll all have left. After all, what’s the point if I can’t even get searched or seen?

#Why even tag this?

FYI, this is happening with Slipshine’s Tumblr too. We had somewhat cautious optimism about the Yahoo thing, since they seemed to infer Tumblr’s staff and policies would not change, but I guess that was a load of shit. Surely just the first step in some efforts to “keep” the adult material around while making it as hard to find as possible.

For hosting this blog, I did offer the occasional bit of monetary support for Tumblr in the rather limited ways they offered me, but that’s definitely going to cease.

Since the Slipshine blog had about 3600 subscribers now (more subscribers than Slipshine itself has, oddly enough!), we’ll continue to update it. For the time being…