Open Submissions



Hi everyone!

Filthy Figments has open submissions for a whole month. We are looking for a few part and/or full time female artists to join our crew!


We are looking for short stories from applicants with the potential to do more stories or a long-form story if their comic does well enough. If you are chosen to be a continuing artist, a schedule will be worked out for submitting new content depending on availability and other factors. Artists are paid a flat page rate.

Filthy Figments is a site that showcases the various ways that women create and enjoy porn. That said, artists wishing to submit should identify as female AND must be over eighteen years old.

Inclusive content is encouraged! Queer love and sex, bodies of all shapes, sizes, genders, and capabilities, and kinks of all kinds are welcome. You may submit more than one proposal, but please consider QUALITY over quantity. Show us your very best work! No one wants to read about boring sex. Give us an engaging story with sexual tension and payoff.


We are only looking for comic submissions at this time, and not prose or pinups. We are not looking for incomplete teams at the moment, so if you are an artist or writer in need of a partner, please find them before submitting.

NO: Gag comics, gore, blood, fanfics (only original stories, please), necrophilia, underage characters, anything illegal, anything involving bodily waste, non-consensual situations, vampires or other monsters, or furries (please keep it at “catgirl”-level or below).



+ Title (or working title)
+ Estimated page count (between 18-25 pages in length)
+ A beginning, middle, and end to the story, clearly summarized.
+ 2-3 character sketches to give us an idea of the designs you had in mind for the story

+ Please also include other examples of your sequential work. Completed stories would be preferred for this, but not necessary. Just make sure you have comic pages and not just pinups. ALSO, it is highly recommended to include nudity in some way, so we can observe your anatomy skills.

*If selected your comic should be in 6x9 format in 300dpi. Comics should only read Left to Right. Color comics are preferred, but B&W works are still accepted. Cover art is required to be in color.

*Artist will grant Filthy Figments five-years exclusive digital publishing rights to the work and non-exclusive rights thereafter. Artists will keep full copyright over their work. This means no submitting the same comic to other websites, and we get first shot at PDFs and eBooks.


Please include a your submission package as a link or attachment, and optionally a link to your resume or portfolio, to:

Submission deadline is November 15th.