hello! I want to know if there's a possibility of getting a psyquical copy of one of the work in slipshine. thanks

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littlefroggies has published a collection of her Titty Time comics. And that is about it so far.

The way it currently works is that Slipshine handles digital publishing only, and it’s up to the artists to find ways to sell their work in print. We’re interested in possibly expanding to print as well, but at the moment, we’re a bit short on personnel to do so. But we’re working on it!


Don’t mind me I’m just doing a…. promo for my book… to… drum up a few sales today… nothing nefarious… Just… spreading my filth all over your dashboard… just peddling my book full of boobs and boners… fun for the family…

… except little timmy, forget little timmy, you send him to bed right now because kids aren’t allowed. In fact, have you thought about boarding school? Little Timmy was garbage anyway, we never liked him. Glad we’re finally seeing eye-to-eye on this Timmy thing.

You can buy Titty Time in my store (there’s a promo/giveaway too), or subscribe to Slipshine for more stories from me and other artists.

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Okay, but seriously, people should buy this book.