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    April 17, 2014

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    April 14, 2014

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    April 12, 2014


    A new Tissue Box is up on Slipshine! This time, we’re exploring the detective’s life after her little run-in with the thief! These thief/detective stories have been one of the funnest (and hottest) things we’ve worked on and we’re really proud of it! If you haven’t yet, grab a subscription and check it out! 

    slipshinetissueboxbrad and leslie
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    April 8, 2014



    LOVEGUN - ch1 part1

    story and art by SkullOar w/ colors by KusariKami

     the first half of chapter 1 is now up on SlipShine (as is the prologue, in case you haven’t already seen that too). Go snag an account so you can read it and help support more releases of it :D  Also make sure to check out my new awesome colorist’s art as well over at kusarikami!

    hope you enjoy it, and let us know what you think!


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    April 3, 2014


read it - back the kickstarter
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    March 28, 2014


Scream! (.. into her butt!)


    Scream! (.. into her butt!)

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    March 28, 2014


This might become a thing..?
  8. March 21, 2014

    Sister Wulfia Focka: the return

    note to self, this comic needs some new preview pages -j

    slipshinesister wulfia fockasisterwulfiafockasirkowskinsfw
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    March 17, 2014


    Has the lack of Rock Cocks just left a big, empty void in your life? Well, we’ve got a meaty 18 page Seth-focused comic filled with voyeuristic goodness up on Slipshine!

    This is one of hopefully many Rock Cocks singles, the short side-stories we announced like nine months ago! As a special treat to Slipshine subscribers, we offered it up to Josh and he gladly put it up on the site. Don’t you guys worry, though, because a new Tissue Box is still coming next month!

    Eventually, we’re going to start updating Rock Cocks again (when we have time away from Slipshine and Blaster Nation and eeeverything else). When it starts up, we’ll be selling this Boy Toy comic on the Rock Cocks site for $4. But that’s probably going to be a few months, so the only way you can read it NOW is if you’re a Slipshine member! Our Tissue Box comics (as well as the other comics on there) are pretty great if you forgive me for boasting, so it’s totally worth it! 

    Thank you all for supporting us and for your continued patience! 

    yup, it’s there right now. Go read it!

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    March 16, 2014

    Anonymous asked: So point of curiosity: Are there RSS feeds available to subscribers or would someone have to check their favorites on the site manually?

    The RSS feed is right here, and it links to all the updates once they go up.

    Even people who don’t subscribe to the site itself can subscribe to the feed, for whatever reason!